Who We Are

"We are the change we want to see in our community"

- The Black Neighborhood

The Black Neighborhood is an organization created from the hearts, minds, and experiences of five Black men native to Richmond and Oakland, California.  We were heavily inspired by our mothers, our communities, and the Black Panthers and decided we must be the change we want to see. We are each individuals and leaders in our own right, but understand that together we are a strong unit with high hopes of inspiring today's youth and presenting our communities with options and positivity.  We are well aware of the challenges the Black community continues to face, and are very optimistic that change will come.  The Black Neighborhood focuses on the Black community while understanding that one community is never in isolation without others; therefore we invite the larger Bay Area community and that of the world to immerse its talents, beliefs, and time into the future of our nation.  We focus on community outreach via monthly food giveaways, speaking engagements, free gatherings such as BBQ's, and community exposure via movie screenings, special events, and all-around fun.  


Welcome to The Black Neighborhood!