Fresh Produce & Grocery Giveaway (Oakland, CA)

 In partnership with Feed My Sheep, every 3rd Saturday we host a food drive for 100+ families. The purpose of the food drive is to provide free and fresh produce and groceries to families in need. The food drive takes place at DeFremery “Lil Bobby Hutton” Park located in West Oakland, California. The duration of each drive is approximately three hours. We offer the following: canned and boxed goods, produce, cereal, pastries, and beverages. In an assembly-line fashion, families walk from table to table, selecting the items they want. From there, our volunteers put the items in their bags and if necessary, assist them with carrying the bags to their cars or homes. All food distributed at the drive is supplied by The Alameda County Community Food Bank. If you would like to volunteer or receive groceries, feel free to join us!